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Just 3 steps to an Exam ECG

A. You take an EAMCET/MTCET/NEET Simulation Exam.

B. Advanced technology records your every step and monitors your performance.

C. Your Exam ECG is prepared and analysed to give you score enhancing guidance.

CET 2014: Last Minute Booster Course

 Course includes a series of 5 online EAMCET/MTCET/NEET simulation tests online followed by in depth analysis of your performance after each test. The simulation tests have been prepared by subject experts with several years of experience in guiding students to success in EAMCET/MTCET/NEET. The course also includes 4 'Exam ECGs' to help you maximize your performance.

Joining the last minute booster course could help you significantly better your score in the exam in the following ways:

Comprehensive revision of syllabus: Helps you find out your strongest and weakest chapters so that you can properly structure your revision.

Aids last minute preparation: Helps focused study in the last few days to increase success chances. Online format saves travel time.

Improve your exam time management skills: So that you can maximize your answering speed.Develop stamina and concentration to perform at peak level through the 2 hour + exam.

Common MCQ tricks: Helps you understand and overcome them.

A 15 day program to maximize 2 yrs of preparation.
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Exam ECG

Exam Performance Booster

CET Preparation And Answering
Analysis For Score Maximization

The 10 crucial ECG checks to identify Score limiters

ECG Check 1:

Are you likely to complete all the questions in time?


ECG Check 2:

Are you likely to waste too much time in any section?


ECG Check 3:

When you spend too much time over a question, are you getting it right?


ECG Check 4:

Are you likely to answer questions too rapidly,leading to mistakes?


ECG Check 5:

How does your accuracy and speed change every 30 minutes.


ECG Check 6:

Are you able to guess the right answers to the questions?


ECG Check 7:

Is mental fatigue causing you to make more mistakes towards the end?


ECG Check 8:

What chapters might be causing you to lose the most marks and time?


ECG Check 9:

How are you scoring on easy and difficult questions?


ECG Check 10:

How to divide your time between subjects to score the maximum?